MDNA Loan Closet Testimonial,
August 2022:
“I may not move as fast as I once did, but with the 4-wheel walker you loaned me, I am more safe, more comfortable and able to move around more quickly and efficiently. I love transporting “stuff” using the seat as a shelf! Thank you!” (BM, Maine)
Staff Testimonials:

“I started out as a family member to a patient and really appreciated the support that the nurses gave us and helping our family member have the best home life possible. They were knowledgeable, always available to answer any questions, trained us if necessary and they knew his medical history well so it helped us stay on top of his care. It’s a great necessary service that you don’t know you need until you do!” (Chiori Beck, 2022)

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with many members of the community. I think my position as the patient care coordinator is an asset to others and I look forward to more of the same as I continue to learn my role. I also have amazing coworkers and the privilege to work in a beautiful environment.” (Kassi Berry, 2022)

I love working here! I have found the team to be welcoming and incredibly helpful as I transitioned into a new role. I am constantly in awe of how well they work together and help each other out. Just yesterday one clinician could see from our group messaging that another team member was heading for an intense and busy day. She offered to rearrange her day to allow that team member less travel time between patients and to help make the day more manageable. There are many examples of how this team works well together. It makes my job as their leader incredibly rewarding and even more fun! I also feel very supported by the Board of Directors. They have allowed me the space to learn this role, offered support when needed, and have and are willing to do what is needed to help assure the success of this meaningful community organization! They understand this is a complex service with many layers of regulation dealing with various payor sources and have allowed for the correct resources to manage the operations. I feel like all my years of experience have led me here and I am so happy to work in an organization where I feel valued and where I can contribute in a meaningful way.” (Amy McVety, MS, RN, 2022)

“Although I am a newbie to the MDNA leadership team, I have quickly learned a lot about home health care services and how essential this organization is to our island community.  I am inspired by our clinicians who work in the field providing services such as skilled nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy to our residents.  During my first couple of months on board, I had a wonderful experience through patient visits with two of our clinicians where I witnessed true compassion and an unbeatable level of professionalism.  The care our clinicians provide to our patients is exceptional and I am honored to work with them.  Having the unique position as the Development & Communications Coordinator, most of my work is done behind the scenes.  However, this opportunity has continued to provide me with consistent gratification and reward on a daily basis.” (Angela Balacco, MS, MPH, 2022)