Our Mission

Our Mission

MDNA’s mission is to improve the health, safety, and independence of Mount Desert Island residents and those of neighboring towns through the delivery of high quality and compassionate skilled nursing and other in-home healthcare services, advocacy, education and prevention programs.

MDNA Board of Directors

Mazzie Gogolak, President

Jerry Miller, Vice President    

Katherine Rand, Secretary    

Robert G. Robertson, Treasurer    


Alexander Gleason, Ph.D, RN

Mark Gauthier

Charlotte Thibodeau

Ann Bissell

Tricia Nalle

Wendy Wood

The Mount Desert Nursing Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and provides services to any person or family living on Mount Desert Island and surrounding towns including Trenton and Lamoine.

MDNA provides on-going regular visits for persons with chronic health problems, and also provides short-term care and support to persons who may need just a few visits to help them with a current time-limited problem.  Preventing a hospitalization is always a goal. 

**Prospective patients do not have to be house-bound to take advantage of our private pay nursing visits and other care.