Don Robinson

Don Robinson gives MDNA a "thumbs up"In the Fall of 2017, I finally went to Boston and had the hip surgery that I had tried to fend off for way too long!  As I expressed concern about returning home post-op and living alone with only my dog, my PT suggested (and my doctor seconded) that I pop by your “World Headquarters” in Northeast Harbor to introduce/acquaint myself with your staff and services. I met Elise and others. Everyone couldn’t have been more accommodating and nurturing, if you will. I left with a shoe horn, sock aid, raised potty, walker, a few other items that would soon become indispensable, and an anti-anxiety, secure feeling that I would be somewhat prepared for the ensuing journey of recovery.

Once back on MDI, Elise and the MDNA team came by the next morning. She & Company hit the ground running—checking my vitals, setting things up, throwing in a bit of PT for good measure. Both the friend who had transported me home and I were amazed at the convenience and proficiency of the service. Relief was the word that kept popping up. However, Elise did dash our plans for a Friday Night trip to the movies at Reel Pizza. My friend returned home but was so impressed with MDNA that he even left a donation! 

Now alone, I enjoyed the warmth and comfort of Indian Summer on the Sound—all and only possible because of MDNA. I was so glad to be away from hospitals and inspired to learn all I could from your staff to be able to take care of myself so as not to have to return to the hospital. There were many ground-zero, re-learning moments in the complicated process of recovery but everyone at MDNA was incredibly considerate, patient, and proficient. MDNA staff provided me with the critical morale boost I needed during the 2 weeks under your care. Marti taught me how to breathe/exhale properly when doing my exercises. She also taught me how to get in and out of my car with ease —to say nothing of the many simple, take-for-granted tasks of daily living.

I could go on in praise of MDNA.  The agency was a wellspring of relief for me during that critical period of my recovery. MDNA was the bridge between the inpatient care and the excellent outpatient therapy. That bridge makes MDI a perfect place to recover from surgery.

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