Supporting the Mission of MDNA

The patients of the Mount Desert Nursing Association, and the residents of Mount Desert Island depend on your generosity to continue to have the services of MDNA available to them, to you, to your family, to your friends and neighbors, and to the community.

How can you help?

Mail a Donation to P.O. Box 397, Northeast Harbor, Maine 04662

Make an On-line Donation using PayPal and instantly provide a monetary contribution.

If you shop on Amazon consider using Amazon Smile.  Support us with every purchase!

We have CLYNK bags -come pick one up and donate the money from your returnables to MDNA!

Come Golf at our Annual Stethoscope Open Golf Tournament!  See Events for details.  Or sponsor a hole at the event!


You can transfer stock to us.  Please notify MDNA of the details of the transfer.

For DTC Eligible Securities:

DTC Clearing Number: 0015

FBO Mount Desert Nursing

Account Number: 484-016272-068

Open End Mutual Funds:

Re-register all full and fractional shares as follows:

Please transfer these funds to a pre-established fund account.  The account number to reference for transfer is the Morgan Stanley brokerage account number from the front of the form listed under Section B.

If a fund account is not established please contact Account Transfers Services at 866-231-9849 option #4.

Also change broker/dealer information to Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC.  Broker 0015.

Fed Book Entry Deliveries for Government and Mortgage Backed Securities:

ABA Number:  021000018


A/C Number:  484-016272-068


Include us in your Estate Planning or Planned Giving Arrangement: Whether it is a bequest in your will, a Charitable Remainder Trust, a Charitable Lead Trust, or more immediate contributions of stocks, bonds, art, or real property, your donation supports the health and well-being of all the residents of Mount Desert, and such bequests are simple to do. Some suggested language is offered below, and you may want to share this with your advisor or planner.

Add only one of the following sentences to your will, or as a codicil to your will.

“I hereby give _________% of my residuary estate to the Mount desert Nursing Association, a Maine charitable organization, PO Box 397, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662 for its charitable purposes”


“I hereby bequest $___________ to the Mount Desert Nursing Association, a Maine charitable organization, PO Box 397, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662 for its charitable purposes.”


“I hereby give the following property to the Mount Desert Nursing Association, a Maine charitable organization, PO Box 397, Northeast Harbor, ME 04662 for its charitable purposes: (legal description of the property)”

How is your donation used?

Your donations are used in one of two ways:

Donated funds are used for direct patient care by MDNA Registered Nurses, or for patient supplies, nursing equipment or other items related to the quality and provision of patient care, or for supporting community events which assist residents in gaining or maintaining the healthiest quality of life possible. Between 75-80% of donations received go for direct care and community prevention.

If donations are not needed for direct care expenses, community education and clinics or operating expenses, then funds are placed into the MDNA Endowment Account, with the goal of building the Endowment Account to a level where operating expenses and overhead can be funded through investment income.

About Our Support

Sliding Scale Fee
• Fees are modest commensurate with services rendered.
• No one is denied care based on ability to pay.

The Town of Mount Desert
• Some of your tax dollars support this vital community service.

Grants, Interest & Dividends
• Our careful investments help feed our budget. We continually seek new funding sources.

Public Donations
• More than 86% of our budget comes from donations from Mount Desert residents — summer and winter. We are also supported by the generosity of residents from other Mount Desert Island communities.
• Contributions to the Mount Desert Nursing Association are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.