Our Services:

At MDNA, our staff is committed to providing quality and affordable health care services to those who are homebound and living on Mount Desert Island, Trenton, and Lamoine.

We do so by: 
Partnering with you, your Maine PCP/healthcare provider, and care management team. We also provide you and your family with a mutually agreed upon patient-centered plan of care. Our team assists you in recovery and maintenance by helping you remain healthy and safe in your own home. Lastly, we offer you and your family preventative health care services through individual or group sessions.

Physical Therapy Visits

  • Licensed Physical Therapists in the home often work on improve balance and independence, standing tolerance, and safety with ambulation both inside and outside the home
  • Work to improve safety with functional transfers
  • Education on fall prevention and recovery
  • Lower body strengthening, stair training
  • Caregiver education and training 

Skilled Nursing Visits

  • Chronic and preventative disease management and education
  • Safety and fall risk assessment
  • Medication management: pre-filling of medboxes
  • Home healthcare needs and referrals assessment
  • Wound assessment and dressing care
  • Point of Care INR blood testing and blood sugar testing
  • Care coordination with patient, family, provider and care management team

Occupational Therapy Visits

  • Licensed Occupational Therapists in the home are often seeing a patient to help them return to PLOF (Prior Level of Function) ideally independent
  • Teach compensatory strategies to accommodate loss of independence skills- this often involves adaptive equipment
  • Extensive caregiver education and training (with spouse, family members, friends, or other members of the patient’s support team)
  • ADL’s (Activities of daily living) bathing/dressing/grooming/toileting 
  • IADL’s (Instrumental Activities of daily living) such as meal preparation/cooking, laundry, finances, medication management
  • Education and training on the use of appropriate adaptive equipment for the individual
    • Also teach energy conservation techniques, upper body strengthening, therapeutic activities to improve endurance for daily living

Community Outreach

  • Monthly blood pressure clinics at designated housing facilities
  • At Home MDI RN visits
  • Collaborative Flu Vaccine Clinics
  • Member of the MDI Palliative Care Group providing end of life education to MDI Residents

Extensive Loan Closet

  • Free of Charge, Donations Accepted
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Canes and crutches
  • Other durable medical equipment (limited inventory)