Making a Difference

The Mount Desert Nursing Association welcomes your story of how we have made a difference in your life or the life of a friend or family member. To submit your letter, please email us.


Name Tanis and Joey James

Thank you so very much for all of the professional assistance you have provided over the many years for my Mom. Not only were your services professional but they were performed efficiently and with much love and care. Notwithstanding all that you did for Mom we can't thank you enough for the support you provided for Tanis and me. You were always there to listen, help and put in the extra effort. Neither of us were prepared or trained for what the final end presented. My Mom was a wonderful lady, very determined in her elderly years. At times this was a wonderment and at times a hurdle. As hard as everyone tried, Mom could resist. And yet you all never gave up... Thank you, thank you. My wife Tanis was more involved than I and not a day would pass without her praise and thankfulness for your non-judgmental support. We live in a small community that has very limited resources and your is certainly one of great value and necessity. May many others receive your gift!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Name Marilyn Damon

MDNA nurses have visited and taken care of my mother for over 8 years. This in-home nursing care has been has been an incredible service to me and my family. As the primary care-giver among my siblings, it has meant so much to me to have professional nurses assess and assist my mother. and provide resources for me. The professional skills of these nurses, Emma and Theo, and their regular weekly visit to my mother have meant that potential problems have been recognized before they became emergencies. In the office, my questions have been answered by another nurse, Anne, and I have been helped in finding resources for my mother. Their presence and availability takes such a weight off my shoulders. Through the efforts of the MDNA nurses, my mother, at age 95, is still able to live at home, and I have the reassurance that she is being monitored and cared for on a regular schedule of visits, with extra visits as needed. My mother looks forward to these visits, and has great faith and trust in Emma and Theo. The Mount Desert Nursing Association is a real town treasure. I cannot imagine what I, or the residents of Mount desert, would do without the nursing care, concern and knowledge provided by these wonderful nurses and this outstanding organization.

Name Ann Graves Paine

Helping my elderly parents stay in their own home is no easy task. Living nearby allows me to check on them, but we couldn't do it without the Mount Desert Nursing Association. At least once a week, Theo or Emma visit my parents and do a full physical and emotional assessment, which includes heart, lungs, nutrition, weight, intestinal and urinary tracts, skin, foot care and setting up their medications for the week. They also monitor the side effects of their medications, and contact the doctor and other essential community resources when necessary. For me it is another set of eyes. The nurses can pick up on something I may not have noticed. I get feedback from Emma and Theo about my parents' health. They tell us when to pick up prescriptions and I also have their support and counsel when days are overwhelming. The nurses are there to listen to me and help in any way they can. The nurses come to my parents' house with a smile and a hug. Mom and dad look forward to their visits. What would we do without our nurses from MDNA?

Name Pat Bishop

We would like to commend the Mount Desert Nursing

Association. Patricia recently had major surgery at the

MDI hospital. We returned home needing to attend daily to her incision as it healed completely. Theo Hinckley, RN from the (MD) Nurses Association visited us each week. The visits by an experienced nursing professional were very helpful and gave us confidence that all was progressing well. We are fortunate to have this service in Mount Desert and people who could benefit from this wonderful service should use it. In the past we have made modest donations to the privately funded Nursing Association. Had we known just how much value this organization adds to our community our contributions would have much more generous. We encourage people to learn more about the Mount Desert Nursing Association and to support them with your contributions.


Charlie and Pat Bishop

26 Tennis Club Road

Northeast Harbor


making a difference

Name Bob & Sheila Graves

My wife and I have multiple chronic medical problems. Emma and Theo's visits help us to stay as well and as active as possible. We look forward to Wednesdays, when one of them comes to see us. They always check us out thoroughly on each visit. The RNs keep ahead of things, so bad things don’t happen to us. They keep the doctors informed about us, and keep up on what we need, and make sure we get it. It is hard to imagine what it would be like for us if we didn’t have the help of Emma and Theo
and the Mount Desert Nursing Association.
- Bob & Sheila Graves

making a difference

Name Marilyn Peterson

The Mt. Desert Nursing Association nurses first took care of my husband. Then they took care of a special friend who lived with me. Now you take care of me. I wouldn't live anywhere else than Mount Desert, because I wouldn't have the Nursing Association and you nurses anywhere else. You have been wonderful, and care for me as a whole person, helping me with referrals and health care needs, but also caring for me as a person with knowledge, talents and interests, and a long, local, family history.
- Marilyn Peterson

making a difference

Name Marion Salisbury

The simple result of the MDNA’s efforts on my mother’s behalf is that she has been able to live in her own home instead of a care facility. This has been her goal, but impossible without the help of the Nursing Association. The nurses are intelligent in their profession; faithful in their visits and promises; kind in every word and deed; insistent when necessary, but never pushy; respectful of the person in their care and their family members; and exhibit patience itself.

My mother is figuring out how many fingers the MDNA has in the community. She said all these "things" would happen for her benefit and it has taken all these years to realize it was the long arm of the Nursing Association. I guess I could also add the adjective, subtle, to the above description! Thank you for all you do.
– Mimi Miller

making a difference

Name Dorothy M. Graves

My mom, Dorothy M.Graves, was a highly respected registered nurse who devoted her life to caring for others. After a long hospitalization, it was she who now needed the care that she unselfishly had given to so many.


The Mount Desert Nursing Association came to help with her care, comfort, and recuperation. She was always treated with dignity and respect by Dianne McMullan and the other nurses who made it much easier for her to accept the care given. She looked forward to Dianne's visits, which were a medical check and a time for her to chat about "nursing" with a caring friend. Knowing that the Nursing Service was involved in her care provided a strong sense of security for our family.


Throughout my mother's illness, I felt comfortable to contact the nurses at any time for advice or input concerning her condition and always received compassionate support. We are so fortunate to have this amazing resource in this area. It is truly a blessing.
– Cheryl G. Libitzki