Services Offered



The Mount Desert Nursing Association is

Mount Desert Island's only private, independent healthcare agency serving public health needs. Generous community support makes possible homecare services, free health assessments, cooking instruction, a loan closet and numerous other programs that protect and promote the health of our residents.


Our presence depends on the kindness of contributors.


Our Services

Home Services
• Bedside nursing care under physician's orders

• Complete physical assessment on each visit

• Wound care, dressing changes, and monitoring of healing

• Medication assessment and management,

• Catheter care, and insertion

• Nutrition evaluation and teaching

• Blood draws for lab work,

• Patient teaching,

• Case management and referrals

• Safety assessments

• Other on-going health maintenance services, advocacy for, and support of patients

• Assessment of home health care needs
• Postpartum visits
• Coordination of community support services



Office Services
• Dressing changes
• Blood pressure checks

• Blood draws
• Health information

• Cane safety-replacing worn cane tips, installing and removing ice prongs
• Loan closet: wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, commodes, crutches and other durable medical equipment are provided without charge.



Community Outreach
• Cooking and nutrition education
• Health information and assessment programs
• Lifestyle support services



We also assist in contracting for the following:
• High-tech nursing
• Homemaker service
• Hospice care
• Nutritional counseling
• Physical therapy