Facts About MDNA

Some MDNA Statistics

  • It is through the generosity of MDNA donors that many Mount Desert residents are able to remain in their own homes and “age in place”?
  • Most MDNA patients receive weekly RN visits lasting 1-1.5 hours with a cost of approximately $175 per visit?
  • Many of our patients could not remain in their own homes and/or live independently without these nursing visits and care?
  • Those same patients cannot pay much, if anything, toward their care?
  • What a wonderful impact donors to MDNA are making for residents of Mount Desert with their donations? Be sure to thank our donors!
    In the past year, 251 items of durable medical equipment–i.e., wheelchairs, walkers, shower benches, lift chairs, commodes, etc were loaned to residents of the island at no cost to them and 305 returned.
  • In the 68-year history of the Mount Desert Nursing Association, Registered Nurses have provided 93,899 visits to patients who were, or are, residents of the Town of Mount Desert.

Our Statistics
Patient visit statistics for Fiscal Year January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015

January 2015            65 visits                    July 2015                    79 visits

February 2015           60 visits                   August 2015                86 visits

March 2015               67 visits                   September 2015           90 visits

April 2015                 96 visits                   October 2015                92 visits

May 2015                  78 visits                   November 2015            56 visits

June 2015                 78  visits                  December 2015            66 visits


Total –913 visits

Reflected in those visits are 59 new patient visits, and 172 visits which were No Charge visits.