Our mission

Many of the original concepts and goals of the Mount Desert Nursing Association are still in use—

  • Donations are still the primary source of funding and financial support
  • MDNA does not accept any insurance
  • A sliding scale beginning at $0 is used
  • No one is refused service based on ability to pay.
  • In-home care and care management are still the focus with the goal of helping people remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

The following information gives more detail about what kinds of nursing services, community health programs, and access to care that MDNA offers to both year-round and seasonal Mount Desert Island residents, and describes how to access services.

The Mount Desert Nursing Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and provides services to any person or family living on Mount Desert Island.

Since MDNA does not accept insurance of any kind, there are no restrictions on the number of visits the Registered Nurses can make, the duration of care they can provide or the kind of care they can provide with a physician’s order.  MDNA uses a sliding fee scale, and no one is denied care based on inability to pay.

This can be especially important to those adults, children and families in the age range of 20s to 60s, who may have lost jobs and insurance during the downturn in the economy, but do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, and who may cut back on visits to health care providers or delete medications because of cost.  These are the folks who could benefit from short-term nursing care for follow-up checks at home after hospital discharge or post-surgery or trauma, or are newly diagnosed with a medical problem and could benefit from support and education from our nursing staff.

MDNA provides on-going regular visits for persons with chronic health problems, and also provides short-term care and support to persons who may need just a few visits to help them with a current time-limited problem.  Preventing a hospitalization is always a goal.  Potential patients do not have to be house-bound to take advantage of our nursing visits and nursing care.

MDNA Directors

1949 Ella R. Young
1950-1965 Lucy Barker
1966-1967 Sandra Price Wallace
1968-1977 Karol Hagberg
1978-1986 Ruth Westphal
1987-1988 Wanda Fernald
1989 Margaret Beaulac
1990-2000 Betty Mitchell
2001-2008 Dianne McMullan
2009-2011 Anne Napier
2011-2015 Theo Hinckley
2015 Joyce Anderson
2017 Elise O’Neil