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Public Health and Traditional Private Pay Services

MDNA Has offered Public Health initiative and Private Pay Nursing Services for seven decades.  We continue to provide these services with the addition of Personal Care Services.   Patients do not need to be homebound but care is still delivered under a plan of care established with your doctor.

These services include:

-Chronic and preventative disease management and education

-Safety and fall risk assessment

-Medication management and pre-filling of medboxes

-Home health care needs and referrals assessment

-Wound care assessment and dressing care

-Care coordination with patient, family, provider for safe transitions of care

-Monthly Blood Pressure screenings at elder housing in Northeast Harbor and

Southwest Harbor.

-Annual Flu clinics in Southwest Harbor, Swan’s Island, and Northeast Harbor.


New Services Provided to Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries

If patients meet the established Medicare criteria for home health care, they are eligible and we can provide:

-Intermittent skilled nursing care

-Physical Therapy

-Occupational Therapy

-Home health aide for personal care

-Care Coordination with patient, family, provider and care management team

-Wound and dressing care and assessment

-Patient and caregiver education

-Intravenous or nutrition therapy

-Injections and drawing of labs

-Monitoring of serious illness and unstable health status


MDNA is CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Partner) Accredited


MDNA Directors

1949 Ella R. Young
1950-1965 Lucy Barker
1966-1967 Sandra Price Wallace
1968-1977 Karol Hagberg
1978-1986 Ruth Westphal
1987-1988 Wanda Fernald
1989 Margaret Beaulac
1990-2000 Betty Mitchell
2001-2008 Dianne McMullan
2009-2011 Anne Napier
2011-2015 Theo Hinckley
2015 Joyce Anderson
2017—2019 Elise O’Neil
2019—2021 Heather Lewis
2021— ___


MDNA Board of Directors

Mazzie Gogolak, President

Jerry Miller, Vice President    

Katherine Rand, Secretary    

Robert G. Robertson,  Treasurer    


Judy Gilkes Benson, RN, BSN

Tom Brown

Barbara Clark, MSW

Doreen Willett