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MDNA is Hiring!

Current positions:

-Per Diem RN

-Physical Therapist/PTA PRN  (Per diem or part time)

-Home Health Aide/CNA

We are searching for a Full Time AND a Part Time or Per Diem HHA.

-Advancement Associate (part time–20 hours)

See below for the job descriptions.

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The Physical Therapist (PT) may be an employee or an independent contractor who
evaluates and provides physical therapy treatments to [MOUNT DESERT NURSING
ASSOCIATION] patients as ordered by the physician.
REPORTS TO: Director of Clinical Services or Clinical Supervisor, as assigned
SUPERVISES: Physical Therapy Assistants and Home Health Aides for direct
patient care as assigned by supervision
 Must be a graduate of a school of physical therapy program approved by
CAPTE or its successor organizations or an educational program outside the
United States determined to be substantially equivalent to entry-level
education in the United States by a credential evaluation organization
approved by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), or meets
Home Health Care Conditions of Participation 42 CFR 418.114(b)(7)(ii)(B)
 Maintain current state physical therapy licensure
 Maintain current liability and malpractice insurance
 Maintain current CPR certification
 Possess effective communication skills and ability to work with individuals
from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences
 Possess good time management and work ethic skills
 Possess a current driver’s license and a dependable insured automobile
 Self-directed with ability to make independent patient service judgments
 Demonstrate computer literacy
 Provide written proof of health status and ability to lift, bend, and squat the
level and amount determined by each job assigned
1. Demonstrates support for the agency’s mission statement to promote quality,
efficient, comprehensive, compassionate, and effective patient service.

2. Participates in and supports the agency performance improvement plan.
3. Participates in orientation, competency testing, and in-services as required.
4. Performs comprehensive initial and on-going physical therapy assessments per
standards of practice for each assigned agency patient and develops the plan of
care in collaboration with patient, RN Case Manager, and physician.
5. Regularly evaluates and documents the effectiveness of each assigned patient’s
plan of care, patient responses, revision needs, discharge plans, and progress to
patient goals.
6. Uses a framework of assessment, implementation, coordination, and evaluation
providing outcome-based services for an assigned caseload from admission
through discharge.
7. Complies with all home health care regulations and standards and agency
policies and procedures.
8. Appropriately seeks supervisory assistance as necessary to effectively perform
9. Assesses and reports patient pain score to RN Case Manager.
10. Maintains confidentiality of patient, personnel, and agency operations.
11. Uses agency documentation materials and/or computer-based software to
record patient treatment activity in a timely manner including patient response
to interventions.
12. Notifies attending physician of patient changes.
13. With patient establishes therapy goals to enhance the rehabilitative ability of the
patient, which may include but not be limited to: hot packs, gait training,
diathermy treatments, therapeutic exercises, passive and active range of motion
exercises, whirlpool baths and other related treatments to meet the agency
patient’s needs.
14. Promotes patient, personnel, and office safety and utilizes universal precautions.
15. Meets productivity requirements established for home health care physical
16. Supervises assigned PTAs every 30 days and assigned agency aides every 14
days to two months as required by the payer source by establishing and/or
updating a plan of care in collaboration with the patient and evaluating
compliance and progress to measurable goals.

17. During patient/representative interactions identifies cultural, spiritual, verbal,
and non-verbal patterns indicating a need for individualized service or
counseling and suggests referral as needed.
18. Assesses caregiver’s ability to manage patient physical therapy needs.
19. Based on patient needs, seeks physician orders for equipment to promote
patient comfort and safety, and when ordered and received by patient, initiates
equipment use training.
20. Evaluates the safety of the home environment and recommends to patient/
representative potential solutions for identified concerns.
21. Uses equipment properly and seeks training if necessary.
22. Provides education, advice, and consultation with patient/representative and
the personnel as needed.
23. Participates in PIP quarterly record review as assigned.
24. Completes yearly clinical component evaluation for assigned PTA.
25. Presents a professional appearance and promotes a positive work environment.
26. Serves on PAC if assigned.
27. Performs other duties as requested.



Full time and benefit eligible!

The Home Health Aide is an employee of [MOUNT DESERT NURSING ASSOCIATION]
who provides direct personal patient care in a patient’s home according to a
patient’s specific plan of care prepared by the RN Case Manager. The duties assigned
fall within the aide’s skill and competency levels to promote patient comfort and
REPORTS TO: The Director of Clinical Services or Clinical Supervisor
 Prefer a high school diploma or General Education Degree (GED), or shall
have one year work experience in a related field
Consideration given to those applicants without diploma or GED certificate, but
if employed by agency, it is preferred that arrangements be made to complete
diploma or GED.
 At least 18 years of age.
 Possess proof of successful completion of a 120-hour Home Health Aide
training or a competency evaluation program or state licensure program that
meets the requirements of CFR 484.36 (b) or (e) and Competency Evaluation
or equivalent as defined in the Medicare Conditions of Participation 42 CFR
418.76(a)(1)-418.76(c)(4); must participate in the educational programs and
practice lab, as well as successfully pass the skill and communication
proficiency test for Home Health Aide
 Possess and maintain a current state aide certification, as required.
 Maintain CPR certification
 Effective English communication skills to work with the patient and family,
including ability to listen without imposing personal values or beliefs
 Ability to follow instructions to complete work as assigned
 Ability to maintain confidentiality about patients, personnel, and agency
 Maintain current state driver’s license and a dependable, insured automobile
 Demonstrate computer literacy, if assigned

 Provide written proof of health status and ability to lift, bend, and squat the
level and amount determined by each job assigned
 Present a neat appearance and positive work attitude
1. Demonstrates support for the agency’s mission statement to promote quality,
efficient, comprehensive, and effective patient service.
2. Participates in and supports the agency’s performance improvement activities.
3. Provides aide services to agency patients as identified by the RN Case Manager
in the plan of care per agency policies, procedures, and aide skill level.
4. Prepares and maintains accurate and timely patient notes, documenting
interventions, patient pain score, outcomes, and patient/representative
response per agency policy.
5. Provides total or assisted personal hygiene (i.e., skin, nail, mouth, hair, etc.) per
plan of care and assists with activities of daily living (ADL) and instrumental
activities of daily living (IADL) allowing patient independence to tolerance
a. Universal precautions
b. Locomotion/ambulation/fall prevention oversight
c. Bed mobility and positioning; range of motion exercises
d. Transfers
e. Toileting
f. Catheter and ostomy care
g. Continence care
h. Dressing and undressing
i. Personal hygiene
j. Bathing
k. Foot care (nails will be filed only, no clipping; diabetic patients will
only have lotion applied and referred to their doctor for nail care)
l. Skin care
m. Protective supervision
n. Medication reminder assistance

6. Provides assistance in ambulation, exercises, transfers, and medication
compliance by patient or caregiver per therapist or RN plan of care.
7. Assists in maintaining a clean, safe patient environment (IADLs) necessary to the
patient’s healthcare needs, including:
a. Planning and preparing nutritious meals and assisting in feeding
patient, as needed and documenting intake per plan of care
b. Light housekeeping of patient’s environment, including dusting,
vacuuming, and linen changing.
c. Laundry of patient’s clothing and bedding.
8. Measures and records oral, rectal, auxiliary temperatures, pulse, respiration, and
blood pressure as requested by a nurse on the aide plan of care.
9. Provides social interactions/behavior modification activities as directed by the
plan of care.
10. Assists patient in personal health self-care and comfort measures.
11. Reports patient condition changes and pain score to the RN Case Manager.
12. Appropriately seeks supervisory assistance as necessary to effectively perform
13. Maintains confidentiality of patient, personnel, and agency operations.
14. Meets productivity requirements established for Home Health Aide caseload.
15. Participates in in-services and training as assigned.
16. Responsible for proper use and care of equipment.
17. Practices safety and universal precautions, infection control and uses
appropriate protective equipment to protect patients and self.
18. Maintains a positive attitude and neat appearance.
19. Supports the coordination of care process between disciplines.
20. Performs other duties as qualified and requested.


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